The Perfect Guy Syndrome

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The probability of finding THE perfect guy is maybe around 3 in 10,000,000, or 0.00003%1. The chance of you meeting him and falling in love is likely even lower.

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1. Disclaimer: the numbers here are based on my personal guesstimates, and are (obviously) subjected to bias and geographical influence. In short, this is by no means a scientific tool (in fact, you should probably just look at it as a joke), and is created only as a reminder of just how elusive the "perfect guy" (and for that matter, girl) is.

Warning: This tool can shatter your dreams of finding the perfect guy. (But it can increase your chances of throwing away the delusions of finding one and instead securing a suitable partner for yourself.)

What's the probability of finding your "perfect guy"?

To get the probability of finding your perfect guy, change the percentages below based on your own hunch and hit the button. For example, you might think "There must be 20% of the male population that fulfills my condition of being a top earner" and change the percentage for Top earner to 20%. You can then ask yourself how many percent of those are guys who are handsome/blonde/fashionable, etc, and enter the corresponding percentages, until you're satisfied with the numbers.

(Leaving a trait empty means you don't consider it a necessary trait for your perfect guy, and it will not be used to calculate the final results.)

Bonus Round

Dedicated to my girlfriend, who still believes in the pursuit of the "perfect guy", and the millions of girls like her.

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